Fireteam Andromeda

Fireteam Andromeda is a dedicated set of rules for 15mm science fiction games, aimed at roughly a reinforced platoon per side. It has been designed as a quick game, light on the granularity, but heavy on the tactical side. 
It is the first in a planned series of rulebooks, campaign books and scenario books from Two Knights Publishing aimed at giving you, the player, all you will ever need to play science fiction wargames, in any scale, using any setting and any miniatures that you already have or want to have.

At a Glance:
  • 96 pages, full color - either as a PDF or as a POD book from
  • Uses only d6's for all resolutions.
  • Turn sequence utilizes a special alternate activation system, that models not only the ability of a commander but also morale of individual units as well.
  • Includes a fully fledged army-list system, allowing you to build your own armies using any miniatures from your favorite manufacturer.
  • Easily handles up to 50 infantry models and 15 vehicles models a side within a two hour timeframe, with variant rules included for 6mm and 28mm scale games. 
  • All inclusive; you'll never need to purchase any expansions, armylists or similar material - all you need to play is included in this single book.
Where can I Learn More:
  • For discussions, help and general chit-chat about 15mm science fiction in general, then visit the Two Knights Publishing Forum.
  • For more information about the Terminus Nebula setting, battlereports and general musings of the author then visit the Terminus Nebula Blog.
  • Or, finally, you can Email the Author with any Questions you might have for the game; be sure to include "Fireteam Andromeda" as a topic!

Where to Purchase:
A printed version of Fireteam Andromeda can be purchased through and is available through this link.

A digital copy of Fireteam Andromeda can instead be purchased on Wargame Vault and is available through this link.