In the Pipeline

This page is used to give our customers a quick overview of the various game titles that we're currently working on and an estimation date, if one can be given...

Mecha Cohort
A mech-on-mech skirmish game; aimed at roughly 5-8 mechs a side, but should be capable of handling even more units. Any mech miniatures can be used for the game and there will be little to no bookkeeping involved when playing the game!

Mecha Legion
A big 6mm wargame, set in the time of the great Civil War within the Terminus Nebula setting, but is designed as a generic brigade level (or a rough equivelant) science-fiction wargame.

Rosetta Skirmish System
This rulebook is intended as the platform for all of our skirmish games, with roughly a platoon a side. It will include rules on vehicles, magic, heroes, narratives and - as with all of our games - is designed from the ground up as a generic game. Rules for using 15mm and 28mm are included from the get-go. 

The Elementary Wargame
Another of our intended platforms, the Elementary Wargame is an element based set of rules wherein players armies are multi-figure bases in the likes of DBA, Warmaster and so forth. It is designed as a readily accessible ruleset, with some inspiration taken from boardgames such as Memoir '44 and Battlelore. The initial set will focus on medieval warfare but will eventually span most historical warfare...